Bring Your Own Furniture

Before submitting your quote request, please review our price guide for Bring Your Own Furniture! This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of cost based on the size/style of your items. Click here for price guide

At the bottom of this page you will find a sample of my custom work contract. Please familiarize yourself with this prior to paying a deposit
Here is where you tell us your ideas, colour pallet, theme, imagery and inspiration for the remake of the piece. For most clients, this is the hardest (yet most fun part). We would love to see photos of your desired look as a photo is worth a thousand words. Also be sure to check out our gallery as work we have done in the past is the best way to see what we can do. Once we receive this form we will verify and make any suggestions for the best outcome possible.

Until we have sent the finalized contract the look of the piece still open for customization. CANCELLATION: You have 24 hours from time of purchase to cancel your order and receive 100% refund, after that refunds are limited.

Check out our gallery for colour ideas but here are the most popular colours to choose from. We will help guide you in this part of the process so just pick the general colour theme.

Here is where you can our View Knob Selection